AAU Taekwondo: New England District Championship

New England AAU Taekwondo is under new leadership this year, and we are proud to host the 2024 AAU Taekwondo New England District Championship. Our goal is for this tournament to be one of the best tournaments in the country – fair, on-time, and well organized. Your participation will help us realize this goal.

My vision for New England AAU Taekwondo is to create a dynamic and inclusive community where Taekwondo schools can come together to participate in a wide range of events. This year’s New England District Championship will offer a diverse selection of events, including Olympic sparring, sport poomsae, traditional poomsae (WT, ITF, MDK/TSD), Board Breaking, and Demo Team performances. I am committed to expanding our offerings in the coming years, taking inspiration from the success of AAU Nationals, which provided participants with access to over 16 different events last year.


What You Need to Register for AAU Events


Saturday, March 30th, 2024

The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 30th at Northbridge High School in Whitinsville, MA.

Sport Poomsae Divisions ONLY: Please see below for Saturday’s Designated Poomsae.

Note that this only applies to the following divisions:
🟢Sport Poomsae Black Belt
🟢Sport Poomsae Pairs
🟢Sport Poomsae Team

This does not apply to the following:
❎Open Forms
❎Team Forms
❎WT Forms
❎Creative Forms


Competition Events

Individual Events

  1. WT Individual Recognized Sport Poomsae
  2. WT Individual Freestyle Sport Poomsae
  3. WT/ITF/MDK/TSD Tradition Forms
  4. Open Board Breaking
  5. Power Breaking
  6. Olympic Sparring

Team Events

  1. WT Recognized Pair Sport Poomsae (1 male, 1 female)
  2. WT Recognized Team Sport Poomsae (teams may be made up of 3 males or 3 females)
  3. WT Freestyle Pair Sport Poomsae (1 male, 1 female)
  4. WT Freestyle Team Sport Poomsae (teams may be made up of 5 members and must include at least 2 female members and 2 male members, the 5th member may be a male or female athlete)
  5. Demo Team (20 members max)
  6. Black Belt Youth (5-17) Traditional Team Forms (3 team members)
  7. Black Belt Senior (18+) Traditional Team Forms (3 team members)
  8. Mixed Belt Rank Traditional Team Forms (all ages and belts, 3 team members)

To qualify for National Championships or AAU Junior Olympic Games an athlete must qualify at a District or Regional Qualifying tournament by competing in at least one of the events listed above



A detailed schedule will be available once registration closes on https://masstkd.org/ 



Medals – Individuals and Pairs Events:

  • 1st place: Gold medal
  • 2nd place: Silver medal
  • 3rd place: Bronze medal
  • 4th place (in bracketed divisions): Bronze medal
  • All others: certificate of participation


  • 1st place, demo team
  • 2nd place, demo team
  • 3rd place, demo team
  • Power breaking champion, 18+ division
  • Power breaking champion, 15-17 division
  • Power breaking champion, 12-14 division
  • Power breaking champion, 10-11 division
  • Power breaking champion, 8-9 division
  • Power breaking champion, 6-7 division
  • Power breaking champion, 3-5 division
  • Best School Award



  1. Coaches must first obtain a 2024 AAU Non-Athlete Membership if over age 18 years of age.  This is not immediate and should be done well in advance of completing the On-line Course.  You may obtain membership at this link:  AAU Membership  If you are under 18 years of age, you will require an Athlete Membership.
  2. If you are going to be both a Coach and an Official, you may complete the COACH AND OFFICIAL ON-LINE COURSE and upon completion of the modules for Traditional Forms, Point Sparring and Olympic Sparring, you will be certified as a coach for each of those events.  To complete the Officials Certification, you will need to attend an Officials Clinic conducted by a Clinic Administrator.  See the OFFICIATING tab for additional information.
  3. Once you sign into the On-line Course, you will need to provide profile information.  The email will be your user name going forward.  In the profile it requests the email you want to use for communications.  It if very important that you provide an email that you monitor.  This will be the email we use if we need to correspond with you.  
  4. The Coaches On-line Course allows you to select which courses you wish to be certified in for 2024.  There are four course modules:
    1. Traditional Forms
    2. Point Sparring
    3. Olympic Sparring
    4. Sport Poomsae
  5. You may complete one or all courses.  However, at AAU National Events you will not be allowed to coach athletes for events if you have not been certified in those events.  For example:  If you only complete the course for Olympic Sparring and you have athletes that are competing in Traditional Forms, you will not be allowed in the ring as a coach and you will be unable to file a protest in that event.  You will always be able to go back and complete additional modules at no additional cost.


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